Importance of Virginity

The main reason behind the rampant situations of divorce is lack of trust. Partners don’t trust themselves. The foundation of this is lack of virginity, one or both of the partners have been deflowered before their Wedding Day. Many people don’t want to discuss this topic because they don’t want to be hated and nailed. …

5 Things You Need to Learn Everyday (2 min read)

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There are some things you need to learn now if you postpone it, it is not always easy to learn it later. Most illiterates are very intelligent, but it is not easy for them to learn certain things just because, they did not learn them at the right time.

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6 Pluses of Being Nominated for a Blogging Award

Many bloggers decline the awards they are nominated for. Some of the reasons that were stated in support of the decline are made mention of in this post. Yet, in my personal opinion, I see Blogging Award as a plus, read on and share your own opinion as to whether it is a plus or a minus. Thanks for your anticipated reading and commenting.

Free Audiobook Download

NOTE 1:  If you are not yet a member of Audible, you can still download your audiobook for free. NOTE 2: These download codes work only on Scroll down for the download codes for your free download on   Instructions Go to my book's page on [] 2. Add the audiobook to …