Coat of Many Colors

The coat of many colors looks like a buff! Nice!

coat of many colours

God, the father has crowned us with glory even from the time we were conceived. His thought towards us is not of evil but of good to give us an expected end. But, the devil and his cohorts have another plan: to strip us out of His glory. Joseph’s father and Tamar’s father loved their children; they showed this by giving them coat/garment of many colors which depict glorious future. They wanted them to end up a success in life. The devil always goes in opposite direction. He doesn’t want God’s children to succeed on earth. And he would do anything to thwart the plan of God for man. He always uses people that are very close to achieving his aim; to strip Adam out of his coat of many colors (that is, to get him removed from the Garden of Eden, he used Eve – his wife). To deliver Jesus into enemy’s hands, he used Judas – one of His closest disciples.

It is not that their closest ones are the real enemies, it is the devil but the door that he can easily go through to have access into our lives is the “men of our house.” I wonder how Joseph’s brothers would not want him to succeed; that is the devil in action. He used Tamar’s half-brother, Amnon to strip her out of her virginity. The devil always wants us to end up in disgrace and shame.

The devil is our only enemy; he is always out to strip us out of the coat of many colors (our glorious end). He knows he cannot get to us, except through those that are very close to us; if we allow it. Micah 7:6 says, “…, a man’s enemies are the men of his own house.” Not necessarily the people you are living with, in the same room or house, it can be your neighbor, church members, co-workers, friends, confidant and as many people that can get access to your life.

Therefore, be wise and beware.

Reference: Gen 31:3, 23, 24; 2 Sam 13: 17 – 19.

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  1. Tamar brought food into her brother’s bedroom and she sat on Amnon’s bed, so she could feed him. As she sat down her richly ornamented robe opened up, which revealed her bare alluring legs to her supposedly sick brother.

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