To Know God’s Mind for Your Life

God's mindMany people (including youths) have gone astray in life because they don’t know the mind of God for their life. They have made mistakes: in choosing their carriers, life partner and many other critical areas of life. The secret things belong to God, but they don’t know; some know but they don’t have access to the secrets.

If you want to know the mind of God for your life and have access into His secret things about your life, you have to become his friend. Bible says in Exodus 33:11 – And the Lord spoke unto Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend….

It ‘s only God’s friends that can know His mind for their lives.

To become God’s friend; you have to follow these three steps. They are the confirmation of being His friend.

(1) Yield your life to Him: John 15:13 says “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends, Jesus Christ died for all sinners but only those that have accepted Him as their Lord and saviour, those that have taken his death personal, those that believed He died for them; are the ones that can claim the benefits of His resurrection. They are the ones that can be called His friends. He died for the whole world, but until you identify with Him and believe that He died for you, you have not become one of His friends that He laid down His life. He gave His life in lieu of your own; He paid for the debt you owe. You have to recognise the fact that He first loved you and died for you; and yield your life totally in return. That is when you can be counted among His friends that He laid down his life for.

(2) Follow His Command: John 15:14 says; “You are my friends, if you do whatever I command you. After you have yielded your life to Him (which is the beginning of the process of being God’s friend), you now follow His commandment – everything He has told you to do and not to do; whether it is easy or not. Whatsoever He commands you – irrespective of when and where – has to be taken into cognisance. Then, you are on the verge of being His friend.

(3) Commune with Him: John 15:15 depicts that they ask questions often and often from Him. They (disciples) discuss every misunderstanding with Him. That is the reason He made known unto them all things that He had heard of His father. They always had rapport. The last step of becoming God’s friend is communing with Him. Open up to Him; ask Him questions about your life. If you are already His child and not a servant, anything you ask Him, He will definitely answer. Commune with God in the act of prayer (both with your mouth and in your heart)!

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Be Blessed!


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