The Solution to All Natural Disasters

There are many activities and natural occurrences that are threatening to human existence on the surface of the earth. Some of these activities and natural occurrences that pose threats to us include erosion, flooding, bush burning, deforestation and desertification, depletion of ozone layer, landslide, and tsunami.

The one that the whole world has in common is depletion of ozone layer. Ozone exists as a gas, and its chemical formula is O3. Depletion of ozone layer simply means reduction of the layer of the part of atmosphere that is formed from the action of Ultraviolet rays on Oxygen. This protects the earth and all the inhabitants from direct impact of sunlight. No human being can stand the direct impact of sunlight, it is too hot and deadly, it is this Ozone layer that is regulating the impact, it makes it possible to let the exact amount of rays and light that we need from the sun gets to us. The earth needs the Sun for life. No sun, no life! There can never be life in any planet that does not receive rays of light from the sun.

Landslide has been a challenge to the whole world, especially, the Asian countries like China and Japan. Also, recently, there was a land shake in an area in Kaduna State, Nigeria. This has never happened before in Nigeria; and I was wondering why it had never happened for this many years. Many measures have been put in place in Asia to curb landslide, but all to no avail. All that these measures have achieved is, at least, to regulate all other activities that contribute to the natural occurrences. Mind you, it is only human activities that can be controlled; natural occurrences are natural, they can’t be curbed by human efforts alone. This is pointing to the fact that we have to look elsewhere for the solution.

All Natural Things are controlled by God

…, who makes the grass to grow upon the mountains? – Psalms 47:8.

God specializes in impossibilities. What God has empowered man to do, He will never do it; just because He has revealed how to deal with such situation to us. It is when it comes to what man cannot do – at a specific time – that God steps in. He is God of impossibilities. In fact, that is His area of specialization.

He tells the number of the stars: he calls them all by their names – Psalms 47:4.

Mind you, the stars to natural man are innumerable. The astronauts are discovering new planets, new stars, and new moons every time. Even the astronauts yet unborn will still discover more. God has secrets, and He can never reveal everything to us at ones; it is bit by bit. He created them, He put them in place, He named them  by Himself; He only allowed Adam to name animals, that is why, it is rear before wild photographers and scientists discover new animals; even some of them are even going into extinction. He has given us power all over the earth. The control of heaven of heavens is still in His hands.

…; and you renew the face of the earth – Psalms 104:30.

The Ozone layer can be renewed; but only by God.

As I have said earlier, many control measures have been put in place like reduction of bush burning and burning in household activities, and the reduction in the use of Chlorofluorocarbon, which is the chemical that has been once used as refrigerant in fridge and air conditioners; and as aerosols of sprays, deodorants and insecticides. All these have a little impact in renewing the ozone layer. We have to go back to God to open our eyes to the lasting solution that would erase the effects of depletion of ozone layer like: Global warming, Green house effect, and Ice melting and Flooding. God is the solution to every natural disaster; even to the depletion of Ozone layer.

Ice melting always results in flooding. Depletion of ozone layer always causes increase in heat intensity; this always affects the icy regions of the North Pole, thus resulting in the melting of great amount of ice. The water formed flows into seas and rivers which makes these water bodies so voluminous that their banks cannot hold, hence, resulting into flooding. This causes heavy downpour and the regions around them become flooded.

This is what the Asians have been experiencing. A major flooding has occurred before in Ibadan, the second largest city in Africa, in 1970’s. Human beings have no power over this phenomenon. We need to call on God!

God let it rained on one piece of land and not on another – Amos 4:7.

He binds the floods from overflowing … – Job 28:11.

He is the one that can renew the face of the earth; He is the one that can renew the ozone layer; He is the one that can bind the floods from overflowing.  He was the one that bound the flood in Noah’s days.

He looks on the earth, and it trembles: he touches the hills, and they smoke

                                                                                                Psalms 104:32.

He also controls volcanic eruption.

God controls all natural and supernatural things; therefore all natural disasters cannot pose any problem to God.

The solutions lie in Him and His hands!


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