A father and a son have just finished eating, and the father told him to go and sleep.

Listen to the conversation between them:

Son (in the room): Daddy, I need a cup of water.

Father (in the Dinning): David, I hope there is no problem.

Son (shouted again): Daddy, a cup of water please!

Father (in annoyance): I’m going to beat you, if you don’t stop that.

Son (in optimism): Daddy, when you are coming to beat me, bring along a cup of water.

Daddy laughed and gave him a cup of water.


Question: What does this Kingdom Joke teach us?


Answer: Persistence in prayer (Luke 11: 8b).

“Yet because of his persistence, He will rise and give him many as he needs.”

Luke 18:1 says, “Men always ought to pray, not to loose heart.”


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