Compliments of the season to all my friends and mentors! I have a lot on my neck that I don’t even know where to start. But I have to start from anywhere.

Before God had a thought about creating the earth, it was without form and void, and darkness prevailed (Genesis 1:2); but when the thought came, there was an instant vicissitude; the earth took its present shape, occupied, and looked beautiful.

God had so much mused over your matter that he had uttered many words, He had already spoken. But I want to ask you, “are you playing your part?” Do you believe what God has said concerning you? God is faith in Himself, He spoke into existence all that He had created, He never doubted them, “Let there be light, and there was.” What a faith in action! Let me tell you, if God doubted it, it wouldn’t have come into existence.

For God’s thought to come to pass:

  1. Locate God’s thought concerning your life;
  2. Believe it;
  3. Claim it;
  4. See it;
  5. Act it.

Don’t let your own personal thought negates God’s thought. Mind your thought, in order words, mind your mind!



What you see with your eyes are physical,

They appear to be real,

But what you see with your mind are miracles

By them, you can never be made reel.


What you see with your eyes you’ll want to carry,

And that becomes a burden,

But what you see with your mind will make you merry,

It will soon be grabbed and you become golden.


The eyes are not the organ of sight but mind,

What seen by the eyes will obstruct,

Whatever I see with my mind will soon be mine,

Though they may be abstract.


But they are the real things,

I mean the real things.


Reference: Jeremiah 29:11

Featured Image: Courtesy University of Ibadan Zoological Garden



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