These are WITTY SAYINGS indeed!

  1. Your appearance will either offer you acceptance or hindrance.
  2. If you don’t read, you will be a broken reed.
  3. If you remain on the same spot, people, even your friends, will make a sport of you.
  4. If you are not “born again”, you will ask “What have I done again.”
  5. If you are in dearth of God’s word, the world will soon mourn your death.
  6. There is always a tabernacle of witness in every wilderness you pass through.
  7. If you derail on the path of God’s work, you will be derailed in the rail of life.
  8. What is in your hand is not dust but husk, look for seed in it to sow and you will have a bumper harvest.
  9. If you reject God’s commandment, God will reject you.
  10. Until you make the Lord known, you can not be known.
  11. If you disobey God, He will disregard you.
  12. There is no strike without strife i.e. strife precedes strike.
  13. No winning, no wining.
  14. When there is a mountain to climb, it is a way to the top.
  15. When there is a river to cross, it is a way to the other side.
  16. If you don’t strife for success, you can’t thrive.
  17. If you don’t strive against poverty, you can’t prosper.
  18. When there is a problem to solve, it is a way to promotion and when there are challenges, it is a way to be a champion.
  19. If you don’t keep moving in life, you will be moved out of life.
  20. If you stop learning, you are leaning i.e. you won’t be updated.
  21. If you don’t learn, you become lean.
  22. If you are not studying, you are dying.
  23. More haste, less speed.
  24. A cub can never roar like lioness, its mother. When the cub becomes a mother-lion, then the baton is passed to it.
  25. Use your gift for the Lord; don’t show it to the world.
  26. If your opinion is wrapped in pride, your pinion will be cut off.
  27. For a divine accomplishment to be realized, attained and obtained; there are some guard lines you must not cross and guidelines you have to follow.
  28. Concentration in one’s divine assignment brings distinct accomplishment.
  29. Take stock in order to be like a Stork who always aim high.
  30. If you can’t cope with the present situation, you have no hope.
  31. If you are frustrated, you’ve been prostrated (figurative – overcame) by the devil.
  32. For dark hours, there is a dawn and for every day-light, there is dusk.
  33. The movement between light and twilight is rotational.
  34. Wrestling precedes rejoicing and dancing.
  35. If you are waiting for luck in life, you are living in a lurking place.
  36. If you will do anything for lucre (money-making in bad sense), you will soon be locked up.
  37. Seed of knowledge is soft and fleshy but seed of wit is a pit – a hard and stone-like seed.
  38. You don’t have to be pitied in the pit of wit, by the time you will be out; many conditions of life will be piteous to you.
  39. Be resourceful in order to use that resources in your hand resourcefully.
  40. Your result will present you as a last resort.
  41. Your result will make you to be resorted (frequently visited).
  42. Those who have insulted you will be resorted to you when they see your result and impact of your effort.
  43. When you are in a pit, don’t allow people to pity you, rather apply wit that will pave way for your writ of freedom.
  44. If you have never passed through the rigour (severe conditions) of life, you can never have vigour that will sustain you in life.
  45. To be the best in life, prepare and ready for the worst that can happen.
  46. If you are wistful (sad), you will not be useful but wasteful.
  47. If you refuse God openly, He will spread refuse on your faces secretly that will make you to repute what you have said before in the faces of people.
  48. If you are walking with God in equity (fairness), your life will be turned away from iniquity.
  49. The price has to be paid to get a prize.
  50. Whenever you are unhappy, whatever you resolve to, to solve a problem may be wrong.
  51. If you‘ve never being in a pit, you can not have pith to dig on.
  52. You don’t need to be a clown to get a crown.
  53. If you‘re not happy as a woman, you’ll be a harpy (cruel, greedy, hard hearted woman).
  54. If you’re not happy, you’ll always harp on your misfortunes.
  55. There is no need of request for bequest.
  56. If you don’t run in the race of life, you’re in ruin.
  57. You’re a potential ‘anything you want to be’, if you use your potentials.
  58. When you are embarrassed, it may be out of love, where there is a quarrel; there is an iota of truth.
  59. Tomorrow you were talking of yesterday is today; today was tomorrow yesterday. Yesterday you will talk of tomorrow is today; today will be yesterday tomorrow.
  60. Stop competition (only if it is positive), start co-operation.
  61. Every imitation/mutilation brings limitation.
  62. You will be exulted by the Lord, if the Lord is exalted by you.


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This is my GIFT for you for VALENTINE DAY!

Thanks for your time on LifeBlog, the Lord rewards and bless you!

To the glory of God, the Blogger has authored two books:

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(2)     Attributes of Successful Employees by Peter Adewumi.

Be Blessed!

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