Wealth Comes Gradually: The Waiting Period! But there are THREE things you can do to make it come fast.

Great wealth that stays to give enjoyment and satisfaction to its owner comes gradually, because it is a child born of knowledge and persistent purpose. The safest way to double your money is to fold it over once, and put it in your pocket. There are risks that lurk behind every plan to make great wealth suddenly. “Waiting guards against wailing in life.” If you don’t wait, you wail; and thereafter waste away. An expert says, “Throughout all my years of investing, I’ve found that the big money was never made in the buying or the selling. The big money was made in the waiting.” Patience!

Then, if wealth comes gradually, saving is the key, after then you would now think of what to do with the money accumulated over time. You have to be careful in investing your money, because there are many hungry and wicked souls out there that want to naked you of your money. The key to becoming wealthy is the ability to convert earned income into passive incomeincome derived from paper assets such as stocks i.e. Shares and mutual funds, bonds and fixed deposit as quickly as possible – Robert Kiyosaki. Most times, before earned income can be substantial to be converted into passive income, one has to be patient in saving a particular percentage consistently, over a specific period of time.  But wealth can be accelerated!

You have to make one, two or all of these THREE to accelerate the speed of wealth to be accrued unto you fast.

  • DISCOVERY – Authoring books, releasing music album, and all form of discoveries.
  • BUSINESS – Industrialist, School, Guest House, Supermarket, Building of houses / Estates.
  • INVESTMENT – Stocks, Fixed deposit (Portfolio Income).

Be patient, wealth will definitely come to stay with you, if you are industrious, smart, and dependent on God. Yet, there are genuine ways to accrue wealth unto yourself with a jet speed.

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