This post is written based on the response to daily prompt from dailypost.wordpresss.com. Jiggle is used in this context as to move with small rapid movements in any direction (Encarta Dictionary, 2009).

Only change is constant in life! And anything that stands in one position depicts death. A wise man says, “If you cannot fly, run, if you cannot run, walk, if you cannot walk, crawl.” I would add to it that if you  if you cannot crawl, jiggle. Just make sure you are moving in life. Don’t let situations of life crippled you. No matter what happens, get up, and keep moving. Tying yourself than can never bring solution to the challenge. It is when you are on your feet both physically and psychologically you can think of what to do to avert any situation.

A story was told in the Bible about the grief of Abraham. When Sarah was of age, and died, it really pained her husband of many years; and he felt like killing himself, but God quickly told him to forget it, for his crying and wailing could never bring her to life. Until he stopped crying, he jiggled, and remembered that they would need to bury her.

Recently, there was a landslide in a particular country, buildings were sinking and fallen down, many people died, When the rescue team arrived, they tried all what they could to save lives. But when they were about to live, a man jiggled by his fingers, he was noticed and his life was saved.

Never loose hope and try to jiggle in all situations!



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Photo Credit: Pixabay

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Be Blessed!


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