Define Your Center!

Center picture

In response to today daily prompt, CENTER. The center of everything is very important! The center of a circle, the center of the earth, the center of gravity, etc. In fact, if the centers of some objects are not known, they cannot be established. For instance, for you to draw a circle on paper, the center has to be defined and given; if you try to draw the circle using a short cut, by using an existing circular object, it is going to be stressful to make any further progress on the circle, because you will need the center to work further on the plane shape. Another instance is in constructing a circular structure. There was a time I was on a construction site, where the structure to be built as circular toilets adjoining it at three edges; to put these toilets in place would need us to define the centers, without it, there can’t be any progress. No center, no circle! If the center of the earth is not in existence, what would the earth revolve about?

The center of everything in life is very important. Our center is our area of strength. It is a pivot where we get our balance. It is at the pivot all objects have their balance. The center! If things are not centralized, there can never be a balance. You need to know your center for you to be stabilized, you need to know your area of strength, that is where you can be comfortable to do and succeed in anything. Define your center, dwell on it, it is your area of strength,  and work and improve on your areas of weakness.

Another advice is that our center is an area of comfort, where we get things done easily. Therefore, dare to break away from your comfort zone, dare to learn new things. Break away from your gifts, try new things. Carry out a routine assignment in a new way. You can’t be doing things the same way, and expect a different result. Knowing small of everything is not bad; as good as specialization is, it has its own disadvantage. In your center, your gifted area, you get results quickly, but what determines your rate of success is how fast you learn new things. If a stone doesn’t break away from the hand that holds the string that it is tied to – its center, it cannot kill a bird. If a body does not break away from the influence of center of gravity, it cannot move ahead.

Know your center – your area of strength, take advantage of it and dare to learn new things. Your success is tied to your center, and also how you can break away from that center, that is, your success depends on your area of strength, and how fast you can learn from others to improve your areas of weakness.

To the glory of God, the Blogger has authored two books:

(1)     The End Matters Most, authored by Peter Adewumi.

(2)     Attributes of Successful Employees by Peter Adewumi.

Be Blessed!


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