Desire is a Strong Magnet!

Desire is a very strong virtue. It always makes a success out of its carrier. It makes you to rise above failure and makes a success out of you. Any good thing you desire would always come to you, and any bad thing you wish go, with a strong desire, would always leave your domain. The reason being that your desire is like a magnet, that by all means, it is going to attract that thing desired, or repel that thing you desire you do not want to see in your life. If you do not desire good things, bad things would not leave, to give room for those good things to take charge.

Desire makes you rise above failure. Michael Jordan, Albert Einstein, Oprah Winfrey, Watt Disney, Lionel Messi, Steve Jobs, Eminem, Thomas Edison, The Beatles, Dr Seuss, Abraham Lincoln, and the host of others have once failed, but they desired to rise above failure. They won the fight against failure, and today, they have become very famous in their niches. Be Carson was failing in school. Thanks to his mother that really helped out, but more thanks to his desire to put failure off his life. Even, if his father was alive, he could not do up to what his desire has made him to achieve.

Desire always makes a success out of its carrier. It makes you to rise above failure and makes a success out of you. Desire has a magnetic force that attracts whatever it wants, be it success or any other good virtue. Like begets like! And it repels whatever it does not want. Desire is a magnet!

When you desire to be great and rich in life, you will definitely be. Nothing can stop your greatness, when you have the desire to be great. You will know what step to take per time, and everything would begin to work in your favour. There was a man called Obed-Edom, he desired to bid poverty a good bye, and he earnestly prayed, and within three months, his story changed for better. Many people always think it was by prayer alone, but desire has first gone forth. Also, Jephtha desired to rise above his circumstances and left the realm of being a tail to that of being a head.

Indeed, desire is a strong magnet!

Photo Credit: Pixabay

© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi

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  1. But, if desire is a main cause of all sorrows, then it also an inspiration to rise, as you’ve rightly mentioned in the post. If there is desire, we can battle all odds like Eminem, Abraham Lincoln and a host of some extraordinary gentlemen.

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