In this post, in response to Today’s Daily Prompt: Pattern, I will love to use the word, ‘Pattern’ as to mean: an original design or model from which exact copies can be made or a model that is considered to be worthy of imitation (Encarta Dictionary, 2009).

A chameleon changes! It has no particular colour; it always blends with the environment it finds itself. It is hardly noticed wherever it is found. Its next movement is unpredictable; hence you cannot predict its next colour. In fact, it has been known all over the world with this unpredictable behaviour.

Likewise, some human beings, they don’t have a predictable pattern of behaviour. If they are in the midst of thugs, they behave like one. If they are found in the midst of well-behaved, you will not doubt meeting with an angel. They go along with any group they find themselves. They don’t have lives of their own; they are living according to the dictates of life. They can be easily forced into the mould of conformation. They are easily influenced. They can easily join the band wagon. They are nice at home, cruel outside; they are loyal to their bosses, cruel to their subordinates. These are the real chameleons. They are to be afraid more than the devil. They are the devil incarnates.

There was this man that traveled abroad. When he got there, he missed the address of his beneficiary. He entered a restaurant, at least to relax, and think of the next course of action. As he was there taking snacks and drinks, he sighted somebody that he had known right from his country of birth. He beckoned on him, and they started exchanging words; he followed him home, in the man’s car, they talked and talked until they got to their final destination. When they alighted from the car, and entered, he met some other two guys in the room. They exchanged greetings, and they started talking. They had a gist through the night before they finally slept off.

For like two weeks, whenever the three friends were going out, he would stay at home. He was getting tired of this scenario, and he asked to follow them this particular day. When they got to where they were going, they met a ‘big man’ there. To cut the long story short, the man happened to be a drug baron, and the three friends were drug pushers; that was how he was introduced to the illegal business. They went to a particular trip one day, and they were caught. They were punished by being jailed. When they finished serving their term, they were all deported to their country.

Somebody that was just to be a path finder, a pace setter and trail blazer. He was negatively influenced, and he joined the band wagon. His parents were taken aback when he was deported, and he related the story to them. The parents told him that they were very surprised; that they wouldn’t have believed it, if not that they heard it from the horse’s mouth.

They concluded that as human beings we ought to possess a predictable pattern of behaviour, that under no circumstances should we be influenced because of external or peer pressure. There is always a way out of every challenge we get into unplanned for; there should be no need of cutting corner to get it solved. It always boomerangs in the long run. Stand your ground in any situation you find yourself, don’t be swept off your feet with the gale of life. Set a pattern to follow all the time, and stand on it unflinchingly.

Possess a predictable pattern of behaviour!


Photo Credit: Pixabay

To the glory of God and improvement of humanity, the Blogger has authored two books:

(1)     The End Matters Most, authored by Peter Adewumi.

(2)     Attributes of Successful Employees by Peter Adewumi.

Be Blessed!



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