Love is the most powerful, reliable and feasible weapon of war that ever exists. It conquers leaving both parties as winners.

As an individual, let us conquer self with love;

As a couple, conquer disagreement with love;

As a family, conquer selfishness with love;

As a team, conquer disunity with love;

As a community, conquer non-developmental issues with love;

As a country, conquer secession with love;

As a continent, conquer external threat with love;

As a planet, let us prevent war with love.



The most powerful weapon of war is love. If you have used many weapons of war, ranging from biological weapons to small riffle, and you can still not conquer, then try love. Using weapons of war, even if it conquers, it is always disastrous. War itself is disastrous! Hence, anything associated with war is also always disastrous. It is only love that can conquer with peaceful atmosphere. To conquer every form of misunderstanding, love is the required weapon.

There is no problem in acquiring and manufacturing new weapons of war to protect ourselves; and to conquer invading countries when there is a war outbreak. God forbid! Mind you, both the winning team and the defeated would suffer a loss; though the mortality rate may be high for the defeated country, but the victorious country also incurs losses.

It is only love that conquers leaving both parties as winners. In any feud, if love is used as a weapon, there is going to be a great feat.


Wherever there is love, it always leaves everybody happy. Love is not as costly as all other weapons of war. Instead of spending a lot in accruing weapon of wars, this money can be used to establish a strong and lasting relationship between countries; let the money be spent on economic and international relations. This would leave all countries happy as winners.

Love is the most powerful, reliable, and feasible weapon of war, that conquers, leaving all parties involve happy as winners.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

To the glory of God and improvement of humanity, the Blogger has authored two books:

(1)     The End Matters Most, authored by Peter Adewumi.

(2)     Attributes of Successful Employees by Peter Adewumi.

Be Blessed!



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