self acceptance

There is this song I love so much:

Born to rule,

Born to reign in life,

I’m not ordinary person,

Destined for greatness!

You are not an ordinary person! You are a Very Important Person – a VIP!


Ordinary - Heart

(1) You are created in the image of God: Is it not amazing to be created in the image of Almighty God? Is our God ordinary? Then, if He is not, it shows that you can never be an ordinary person. Something is embedded in you for the upliftment of people in this world. You must impact this world positively. You are not a product to be consumed locally. You are an international product. Too much of sleep can lead to paralysis of some parts of the body, and eventually death. Wake up to reality about your real self, you are not ordinary!

(2) There is no other person like you – You are an original version: You may think you look exactly like your father or your mother. You may look exactly like your twin brother or sister. You may look exactly like any of your siblings; but Science has revealed the truth about you through the fingerprint, nobody has the exact finger print like your own. It is the only one in the whole world, as many as we think we are. Can you sense the fact that you are an original version of yourself? Your parents only serve as vehicles that convey you to the world. You are not ordinary!

(3) All the parts of your body are invaluable: Do you know the amount of one tooth? Multiply it by 32. How much could that be? Now let us go to the delicate organs like heart, how much do you think that one cost? Your kidney, how much is one? Multiplied by two? Ask Otolaryngologists about the intricacy of your inner ear and nose. You will be amazed about what they will tell you? Mesentery was just discovered as an organ, the experts thought it was a tissue before. Do you belief there are some organs that will still be discovered? How much do you think all the organs (about 100 of them) cost?

(4) There is something you can do the best: You might not have discovered it. There is something you can do the best, even among everyone in the whole world. That is the reason we have The World Best Footballer Award, The World Best Basketballer Award, The Noble Laureate in Literature, Physics, etc. There is something you can do the best. You need to discover yourself, and work at it; and in no time you will come to manifestation.

You are not an ordinary person. You only need to carry a correct mentality about yourself. This will definitely help you to discover the best of you. You are special, you are a VIP, you are not ordinary! Congratulations!


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Be Blessed!

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