Murmuration - Pixabay People think my best color is Purple

They don’t know it’s golden

I like color purple

Just because I used white and purple

When I was in secondary school

I painted our car purple

To still show allegiance

To my secondary school pioneered by a king.

Almost all the families from my town

Has royal blood flowing in their veins

Let’s leave the royalty through Jesus apart

Hardly will you see a family

That had no ‘Ade’ meaning Crown

Starting their family name

The name of my secondary school

Started with ‘King’

That is why we are using color purple

In my secondary school.

We all know color purple is a secondary color

Along with some other colors

Like Green and Orange

When two primary colors

Are mixed together

Such primary colors

Like Blue, Red and Yellow

We have a secondary color

The mixture of Blue and Red

Gives which color?

Color Purple comes from the mixture of Blue and Red

Color Purple comes in different shades

Depending on the percentage of

Colors Red and Blue in it

No matter the shade it takes

Color purple still stands for royalty


Photo Credit: Pixabay



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