How to Publish Your Book on CreateSpace


There are many platforms that can be used to publish your work, especially books, online. CreateSpace is not just one of them, but one of the best. CreateSpace is an Amazon Company along with kdp (Kindle Direct Publishing) and acx (Audio Creation Exchange).

These are the major steps to take to publish your work on CreateSpace:

(1) Create an account: If you are a new member, sign up for a member account.

(2) You can now publish your work (whether book, music or film).

(3) You can publish your work either by choosing to:

  1. Start your free online setup or,
  2. Explore paid services with CreateSpace Publishing Experts.
    (There are buttons to click for either of these options).

(4) After logging in, you can start whatever you want to do from Member Dashboard.

(5) From Member Dashboard, click “Add New Title” button to start.

(6) Clicking the “Add New Title” button takes you to another page: It is a page where you WILL START YOUR NEW PROJECT:

  1. It will ask you for the name of your project.
  2. It will ask you to choose which type of project you want to start: A book, Audio CD, or DVD (Book, Music, or Film).
  • It will ask you to choose a setup process either;
  1. Guided: A step-by-step process with help along the way, and
  2. Expert: A streamlined single-page experience for those familiar with the process.

(7) In any of the two options; either Guided or Expert. You will be asked for:

  1. Setup
  • Title Information
  • ISBN – If you don’t have your ISBN ready, your book will be assigned a free CreateSpace ISBN
  • Physical Properties
  • Interior File, which will be uploaded by you
  • Cover , which will be uploaded by you, or you design it impromptu using a Cover Creator launched on CreateSpace
  • Complete setup, you then finalize the setup.
  1. Distribute
  • Choose your sales channels
  • Pricing
  • Cover Finish
  • Description
  • You can also publish on Kindle (ebook) right from CreateSpace, and that is the best decision you can make.
  1. Review: Before your product can be on sales on Amazon, and all other Sales Channels; you have to proof-read your book, and submit for publishing.

Note: If you want to publish your book, many processes are required, among which is EDITING, you have to be timely in this step, and don’t waste time just because you want to make your work very perfect. If you want to achieve that, maybe you will be the only one that would continue to read your book.

I am looking forward to reading your book. I would be very happy to answer your questions and clarify your doubts, if I can. Thanks for your anticipated questions.

I have published these 3 books using CreateSpace and kdp:

The End Matters Most, authored by Peter Adewumi. (Print Book, eBook & Audio).

Attributes of Successful Employees by Peter Adewumi. (Print Book & eBook).

Virtues for Riches (POD and eBook).

© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi


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