Perfect Earth


I am amazed thinking of you

All other planets envy you

Everything is moderate in you

Everyone is blessed living in you


Potable water resides in you

Life-giving air embeds in you

Trekkable land lay bare in you

Beautiful flowers adore you


You possess a spherical shape

That cannot be changed

There is a purposeful reason for your existence

That cannot be altered


You are beautiful

You cannot be tarnished

You are wonderful

You cannot be bastardized


We have no other place of abode

From here, no one can go abroad

You are very broad

And I can’t fully describe you by my words


I am avid to talk about our EARTH. April 22 – The World Earth Day


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© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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    1. That’s also my fear. We have to watch all our activities that can cause havoc to our God-giving environment. Upon all the money that have been spent both by some countries and some individuals, Mars is not yet habitable.


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