How to Publish Your Books on Smashwords

publishingSmashwords makes publishing eBooks fast, free, and easy!

  1. You create an account or you log in at
  2. You click “Publish” button, to publish your ebook.
  3. It takes you to “Publish Your Book” Page.
  4. The page asks for the following:
  • Title and Synopsis: Title, Release date, synopsis, and language of the book would be required. Synopsis covers the long description and the short description.
  • Pricing and sampling: You can either make your book free, or you let the readers determine the price or charge a minimum of $0.99 dollar. You have to enable sampling by making at least minimum of 20% of your book free; readers can download and read that specific percentage as sample for free.
  • Categorization: You choose a category for your book whether Fiction, Non-fiction, Essays, Plays or Screeplays under Primary category. There is also an optional Secondary category. You also have to indicate whether there is an adult content in your book or not, in order to protect minors from viewing inappropriate material; you have to make the platform know whether the book contains language, situations or images inappropriate for children under 18 years of age. You also have to indicate whether the book is a Box Set. Box Sets are multiple complete books bundled into one.
  • Tags: You have to enter maximum of ten Keywords with which to tag your book. You enter each tag one at a time, into the designated field, and click the “Add tag” button to add it. You may also remove tags by clicking the “Remove” link that appears next to them.
  • Ebook Formats: There are seven formats you can choose from, but it is advisable to tick the box for all the formats: epub, kindle (.mobi), PDF, Sony Reader (LRF), Palm Doc (PDB), Plain Text, and Online Reader.
  • Cover Image: You have to upload your cover image. A cover is required to receive Smashwords Homepage exposure, and to be eligible for Premium Catalog distribution to our retail partners. Professionally-designed cover images work best. The cover must be a JPEG or PNG Image should be at least 1400 pixels wide with a height greater than width; and maximum file size of 20MB.
  • Interior File: Now it is time to upload your interior file. You can either upload a Microsoft Word .doc file formatted according to the guide. This allows Smashwords to generate multiple file formats, plus enable browser-based sampling which will make your book more accessible to more e-reading devices. The second option is to upload an epub file. Maximum file size for the interior file is 15MB for Word documents or 20MB for epub files.
  • Publishing agreement: You click “Yes, I agree” to the Terms of Service. Then, you publish your book.

Smashwords is like a blanket in the Indie Publishing Platforms, when it comes to eBooks. It covers a large area when it comes to distribution of your eBooks. Publishing on this platform has many advantages. Feel free to ask me any question on this matter; I will try all my best to clear your doubts by the little experience I have gathered from publishing on the platform. Thanks.

The Blogger has authored three books:

 (1)     The End Matters Most, authored by Peter Adewumi. (Print Book, eBook & Audio).

(2)     Attributes of Successful Employees by Peter Adewumi. (Print Book & eBook).

(3) Virtues for Riches (Motivational Series) by Peter Adewumi (Print on Demand and eBook)

© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi

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