Most Friendships are Evanescent

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Nobody knows I called this picture “12 Disciples.” We did not plan it when we took it, we were about to graduate from the higher institution then. I love the picture a lot. We were all friends, and we had many things in common.

We were passionate about our studies, we were fond of ourselves, and we were passionate about Christianity. These are the few of the cords that bound us together. Could you believe I am not in touch with any of them till date right from 2002? This friendship is diminishing day by day, and it seems it is about to crash to stand no more.

That is how most friendships are. They are evanescent!

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge

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  1. You don’t need to see these friends. They will always be your friends. True friends can go years apart and then see each other and it’s the same as it always was.
    I get your point here. This moment of the 12 together at that time a passing moment.

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  2. I think pictures hold more value when you take the time out to name them. I name all of my pictures. I strive to come up with descriptive, logical, useful names that identify the photos and I enjoy it when I get that perfect title.

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    1. Sincerely speaking, the bond was so strong, though, we are no more in contact, it is about 15 years ago, but I still feel the love among us. It was great! I know I am going to get a couple of them when I’m fully “settled.” Thanks for reading and commenting.

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      1. Isn’t this a wonderful feeling Peter when you bond with others through a common journey! As we look back on our life there are relationships that impacted us and should have nurtured them.

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