Ruminate and Radiate!

Ruminate and radiate

Thinking is like sucking an orange, while Ruminating is like squeezing an orange.

When you suck an orange: When you squeeze an orange:
1. You won’t know the exact quantity of the liquid content. You will know the exact quantity of the liquid content in it.
2. You may not put extra effort to get more content because the result is not visible. You may further squeeze it to get more content because the result is visible.
3. You may mistakenly eat some of the seeds. You will have all the seeds removed and preserved.
4. It may lead to wastage, you can actually take more than what you need per time. It will let you know the exact quantity you need to consume.
5. What you have eaten cannot be further worked on experimentally, It can be further processed to make a juice, in order to preserve it.
6. You will be absurd, lacking meaning that would give purpose to life. You will be specific and actual.
7. You cannot easily share with others. You can easily share with others.
8. There is nothing special to remember. The experience stays longer.
9. It may be done irrationally and illogically. It is done rationally and logically.

Your thinking should always give birth to rumination. How? When you think, make sure you do it on paper to give room for rumination which is a better exercise to be carried out by the brain.

Radiate as you ruminate!

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© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi

Photo Credit: Pixabay


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