Buff Your Writing Skills Daily (1 min Read)

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Writing daily is healthier! If you decide not to write daily, it’s like you are saying you want to stop thinking every day? Is that possible? Then, if you can’t stop thinking daily, you can’t stop writing daily. If it is possible to think daily, then, it is possible to write daily.

Writing daily is synonymous with thinking on paper, and that is the best thing you can do. If you think without putting it down, it can never make you rich, you will forget them. But when you think and you write it down, you can revisit it later and work on it. Hereafter, you can begin to ruminate on it. I think you know there is a difference between thinking and ruminating. Thinking can be likened to sucking an orange while ruminating is like squeezing the same orange.  I think you know the effect of the two?

Writing daily does not mean posting daily. You can write daily and post daily, but it is not necessary you post daily. You can write daily and have many write-ups ready before you post at all. It gives you room to really work on your posts in order for you and your readers to taste fine delicacies.

Everyone should write daily, no matter what you do, whether you are a blogger or not. It is healthier, and it helps one to move forward.


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14 Replies to “Buff Your Writing Skills Daily (1 min Read)”

  1. Thanks for writing this…Sometimes i find it very hard to write daily because of my academic works and the stress I’ve gone through so i postpone it till the next day.

    I have to start ruminating, I’ll make sure I begin to write daily now…Thanks these words really touch my heart.

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