The Triumph of Unconditional Love


unconditional love 1

I was watching the mother cuddled it. It was a beautiful baby, the hair was dark, curly, and shining. Its face was dazzling and shining like stars. Its skin was incomparably fresh. The faint cry was not irritating but welcoming. The baby is unconditionally loved! The 9-month tie has bound them together. The love had been there even before it was physically manifested.


unconditional-love 2

That is how it ought to be in any relationship. The love needs to have been there before the relationship starts, it just needs to be expressed. it is what will keep the relationship going no matter what. It is unconditional love that can make the relationship triumphs when any situation militates against it.


These are the languages of unconditional love:

1. I do not want to change anything in you, I love you the way you are.

Unconditional love 3

2. I love you when the sun is shining, but I love you more when the storm is raging.

Unconditional love 4

…., and much more, …

Though unconditional love does not mean you should accept bad behaviors, it makes you triumph in all circumstances!


© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi



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