Bloggers are Voluminous


highly productive

Bloggers are voluminous, they produce in

V O L U M (not in number and in length but in quality and impact)


V – Voluminous


L – Luminous

U – Unimaginable, and

M – Magnanimous

E – Entity.


You are voluminous, I mean you are prolific,

I mean you are highly productive,

If you are not a blogger, are you a writer?

Whatever you are doing,

Are you voluminous?

Are you prolific?

Are you highly productive?

Do you produce in volume?


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Thanks for your anticipated reading and commenting.


© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi



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    1. I am not talking about the length of each post. I am talking of the blog in its entirety and its impact. I use the word, ‘voluminous’ to mean highly productive. Thanks and have a good day.


      1. In terms of being highly productive, that is where I fall. I write a lot in the hope that if someone does not find them to read today, they may find them tomorrow. I just want to pour out the content of my heart and mind and leave it to the world.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, we have the same philosophy when it comes to blogging, it may just be because of only one person. I have many posts especially when I first started, and they receive just one or two likes, but the impact on the reader was awesome, even the experience still lingers in my heart till date. It is not only about comments and likes alone, they are just signs that the posts have impact. Thank you sir for the read and comments. Do have a nice day.


      3. The most inspiring statement that has ever written to me, “I WANT TO READ ABOUT YOU IN THE HISTORY BOOKS SOME DAY.” Thanks a million! I wish you the best of everything in life. Do continue to soar in successful endeavors. Best wishes!


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