What are Books? (2-min Read)


Many great authors have written many great books but not about “books” hitherto. Only a few authors have written about what books are. How can people read books when they don’t know what books are? Even the few that do, read just for pleasure. They think “books” are just black ink – or whatever color – on white or brown paper or screen. It is so sympathetic to hear this!

Books are more than that! They can be likened to texts/materials which you have to read and digest to hurdle the obstacles of life, pass exams of life, face challenges of life, tackle Satan when he comes with his temptation and to record successful endeavors in life. Some books will seem negative in nature, but they have to be read to understand those that practice the principles from them; you have to read such books carefully and prayerfully. Books are short-term or long-term thoughts, revelations, experiences and conclusions from researchers and studies of great minds. Thus, books are secrets of and from great minds that if read by hungry minds, they are going to be fed and become great.

The Most Important Reference

How important are books that in heavens before any judgment is made books have to be consulted (Daniel 7:10)? I think as it is done in heaven, it must be done on earth. The reason why many problems remain unsolved on this planet is because we don’t consult books. Books are the banks where treasures of solutions are being kept. There are many secrets in books. Make a reference to any good book today and you will agree with me that the most important objects that need to be valued are books.

In Daniel 9:2 – quoting Daniel; “In the first year of his (Darius, the son of Ahasuerus) reign, I Daniel understood from the books the number of the years, of which the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem.

It was from books Daniel got to know the secrets to his freedom from captivity. Are you having any challenge right now? Get a book on that topic you need help and what the book will deliver into your hands will be much more than the money and time you spend to buy and read it.

Let us read books in order to puncture ignorance in our life!

What do you think books are? I would love to read your own view so that I can also learn from you. Thanks!


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    1. I know you understand me sir. I don’t me it in a negative way, nobody knows everything, and nobody can no know everything, we can continue to learn from others what we may not know or improve on what we have known, by interacting with them through their books, their blogs, and any other medium available. Thanks a million sir for reading and commenting. Do have a nice day!

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      1. I totally get the concept.We never stop learning as long as we are still breathing. While we may learn the hard way from our own experiences, it is cheaper and faster to learn from others by reading. We are on the same page. Remain blessed.

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