Nature Renews (1-min Read)


Tree and the earth 1

When I first learned that paper was made from trees, I was surprised. That was a long time ago! I studied Engineering in order to be a lecturer, then I found myself in teaching in secondary school, no problem, there is no much deviation from the original plan, but the only challenge is that I have to teach Technology, it is my favorite subject (in that I passed it always) but not my best subject, my best subject was, and still remains, Mathematics.

I started falling in love with this subject called Technology when I saw what it offers the world. I learn that it is the application of scientific knowledge to solve the problems of this world. In order words, if there is no technology, all the money, resources, and energy put in by scientists and others in researches would be a waste. There would be no way to show and demonstrate their conclusions and inferences.

Nature was put in place to enhance this life we live in. Then, if nature is to benefit us, why do we destroy our own properties? Why do we cut trees indiscriminately? Yes, trees serve as raw materials for many products like paper, drugs, building materials, furniture, transportation, etc. All these support life, but they are not as important as life itself.

All the products from trees make life easy, but trees support life by preserving the Ozone layer. I am not saying matured trees should not be fell to make those useful products, but they have to be fell with caution, and be replaced, when you cut one tree, don’t forget, you plant two back. Nature is an expert jobber in earth renewal! Nature renews!

© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi

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  1. You are so absolutely right. Trees are our life line. It is so very easy to protect our environment, if everyone ( we the common man) plant few trees in our lifetime. It is the best form of gratitude to the mother earth and a gift to our future generations

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    1. Yes, you are very correct. “the best gratitude to the mother earth and a gift to our future generations is that individuals should plant few trees in his/her life time.” I quite agree with you. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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