Magnetic Laws Are Not Always True (2-min Read)

Magnet 1If you ask anyone what he knows about a magnet. Everything he is going to say would be based on attraction. The general belief of everyone is that a magnet is a metal that attracts other metals. Fine! You are correct if that is also your own opinion.

A question that budges my mind is why the other part of a magnet doesn’t come to play most of the time we talk about a magnet. Its characteristic of repulsion is rarely mentioned outside of classrooms. It is only in the classroom they must be taught that unlike charges attract, and like charges repel.

These are the two laws of magnetism:

Law 1: Unlike charges attract (North and South Poles attract).

Law 2: Like charges repel (North and North, and South and South Poles repel).

Do these two laws of magnetism holds when it comes to people? It is true in some aspects and it is not applicable in some aspects of our life.

It is found to be true when it comes to relationship, friendship, business, and marriage. An instance is when opposite temperaments want to go into friendship, marriage, and business, it works because in this area the opposites attract. As unlike charges (Positive and Negative) attract, so also will a Phlegmatic goes with a Sanguine or a Melancholy with a Choleric.

The area of misconception is now this: Some people think these laws of magnetism should hold for everything in human relationship. When it comes to behavior, the reverse of the two laws, is the case, hence the Magnetic Law of Human Behavior:

Law 1: Unlike behaviors repel.

Law 2: Like behaviors attract.

Good and bad can never go together! Evil communication will always corrupt good manner. Microsoft Encarta Dictionary defines a magnet as somebody or something that has a great power of attraction over people, hence, you as a magnet should not attract everything, there are times you have to exhibit your characteristic of ‘Repulsion.’

The ability to exhibit this trait of repulsion when times call for it is what makes a man. You cannot be “Yes, Yes” all the time, there are times to say, “NO”, and you have to be bold to say it.

© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi

Photo Credit: Pixabay


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