Your Grit is Very Vital to Your Success


Life is not fair they say,

Life will never give you what you deserve,

But out of whatever it gives you,

You can make your desire to be.

While you don’t forget that,

One of the tools to use is your grit.

determination 2

Your determination!

Yes, your determination.

Your determination is very paramount,

When it comes to successful accomplishment,

In life and any endeavor.

If you are not determined,

When what you desire is lemonade,

And life throws lemon at you,

You would make your desire, lemonade,

Out of it.

But without grit,

You would have thrown it away,

Before you realize,

That something good can come,

Out of every seemingly bad situation.

With your grit in place

Something sweet can come out,

Of every bitter experience.

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  1. I love the persistent positivity that radiates from every line of this powerful poem.
    I like the fact that it tells us that whatever befalls us should never keep us fallen. I like how it tells us we have to wrestle life for what we rightly deserve because no one will hand it over to us. Amazing and Power-packed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Am I hearing that from my adorable International Poet? You have fueled my vehicle to keep on moving on the highways of “blogosphere” and life once again. I appreciate you, your blog, and this enchanting comment. Best wishes!


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