Bury the Past


What does it mean to bury? When any living thing dies, the best decision to be taken is to bury it. Why?

  • It was made from the earth, from soil, and definitely, it has to return to where it was formed, it was the Spirit that is the real man,
  • To get it out of sight to tackle the psychological effect that, others will also die one day,
  • To prevent the stench that is very dangerous to our health.

If someone that we dearly love dies, do we cry forever? God forbids bad happening to us, we have to mourn, and then forget it. The same measure has to be taken concerning our pasts, the past happenings. “Bygone is gone”, we cannot allow the rope of the past to tie us down. The past is a dead issue, if we brood over it at all, it should be for…

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