3 Things You Shouldn’t Disclose to Your Interviewer

If you are seeking for a job, and you have been summoned for an interview, these are three out of the things you shouldn’t disclose to your interviewer. These are:

  1. Your weakness

You should never disclose your weakness to your intending boss. If you at all you are asked for your greatest weakness, you should rather present one of your strengths as a weakness. You may say something like, “Most of the people I work with think, I’m too dedicated to my job, and my attention to details seems to bother some colleagues, but usually not the boss. Simply put they think I’m a workaholic.”

  1. Your Salary

You should never disclose the minimum salary you have in mind to your interviewer. This is easier to adhere to if you are a new graduate, but if you are coming from a company, the interviewer will want to have a glimpse of your emolument in the place in order to rate his own company. Hence, if you are asked for the minimum salary you will like to accept. Reply with statements like, “I think I should be offered whatever salary the job is worth to the company.” You can even answer his question with another question like, “What figure did you have in mind?”

  1. The Number of Years You Are Likely to Use with Them

Employers want people that will stay long with them. They don’t want to lose resources all the time for interviews because it is not easy to get good heads, it takes a lot of hard work and experience during the interview process. Therefore, if you asked how many years you are likely to stay with them, you should tell them something like, “This is a good company worth working and dying for.” By that, you are presenting the company in good position from an outsider’s view.

You don’t reveal everything about yourself at a go!

© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi

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12 Replies to “3 Things You Shouldn’t Disclose to Your Interviewer”

    1. I’m not saying we should lie. Everyone has a point of weakness, but it is better we “stress” our areas of strength. In order to put us at advantage if we are not ready to start our own business. Thanks for the thought.


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