6 Pluses of Being Nominated for a Blogging Award

Many bloggers decline the awards they are nominated for.

These are some of the reasons that were stated in support of the decline:

  • Some say they have been earlier nominated for it.
  • Some say it is tasking to follow all the rules of the awards.
  • Some say their blogs are award free.

I am not castigating anybody here for not accepting an award, you have the right to accept or decline it. However, most of the reasons for their decline are not genuine.

  1. I have been nominated for it earlier: Even if it is for the second or third time, I don’t think it should pose any challenge to accept it, the reason being that there are many blogs that deserve the award, so your declining the award means you are depriving some blogs that are qualified to be nominated for the same award from coming to limelight. Declining an award is tantamount to depriving some other blogs a successful outing. It is like you are blocking the gate to their successful blogging.
  2. It is tasking to follow the rules of the awards and I don’t have time on my side: Everything that brings good results is always tasking. One just needs to create the time, endure and follow the rules for the success of other blogs and resultantly the success of your blog. The success of one always has positive impacts on the success of some others.
  • Award-free blogs: In my opinion, I don’t think a blog has to be award free. It is a camouflage technique by some blogs to shield themselves from the time and a little stress that takes to reply to the offer. Some bloggers had run a blog earlier before they started another. They know that accepting a blogging award is demanding, but I want to add to it that it pays off at the end of the day. Alright, let me ask you this question, “If the minimum amount of $1000 is attached to each award, will you still make your blog award free?”

These are the six out of many reasons I think accepting a Blogging Award is a plus:

  1. It is one of the ways to know you are impacting the world, besides the likes, comments, and the pingbacks.
  2. It makes other visitors instantly know your blog is worth reading, following, and subscribing to, instead of wasting their time looking for evidence all around.
  3. It makes your blog to grow geometrically instead of arithmetically.
  4. It makes you a contributor to other blogs’ success, and it is engraving your name and blog on the slate of their hearts.
  5. It serves as recommendation of other impactful sites to your readers.
  6. It is a form of collaboration, and the importance of collaboration can never be over-emphasized. It brings unwavering result.

If we have many contrary opinions, then whoever creates each of the Blogging Awards should indicate the number of times a Blog/Blogger can be nominated, or better still cancel it. Thanks.

In your own opinion, is Blogging Award a plus or minus? Leave a comment below and let us know your own stand and thoughts that can benefit other readers and bloggers.

If you have a question you’ll like me to answer, if you don’t want to use the Comment Box, you can use “Contact Me” above for privacy. Please include your name, your blog name (if you have a blog), and then ask your question.

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© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi

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  1. If the minimum amount of $1000 is attached to each award, will you still make your blog award free?”…
    Perfect question 😉😉
    Awards are motivation. You feel appreciation and get a chance to Interact with others. I personally like it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot for reading and commenting, and for your solid support since inception of my blog. I have just started, and I love your blog very much because it is on Education, which is paramount to the upbringing of every child.


  2. Hi Peter, I love your perspectives on this. As an aside, you kindly nominated me for an award last month, I am still compiling a response!
    I agree with your perspectives wholeheartedly. For example, I nominated some people for another award recently and guess what, some of them declined for the exact reasons you cite above! Like you, I think they were making excuses and I personally think it’s selfish to not pay it forward.
    My personal view is that these nominations are a wonderful way to pay back to the blogging community, to help grow awareness and networks of inspirational bloggers. To recognise their work and say thank you for their contributions.
    Carry on the great work Peter, it’s blogs like yours that continue to grow and inspire us. 🔆🙋🏽🌴

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dear Mr. Peter,

    Great text, extraordinary explanations, and many thanks for your time and detailed explanation. I completely agree with you. It is the same in one’s life: you have ups and downs,…Best regards from Sarajevo, Amela.


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