How Do You See Challenges?

Many people see challenges or problems as something new. This is untrue! May be you will permit me to ask you that, “How do you see challenges?” “Moreover, how do you treat problems?” “Do you need to ooze fear in the face of any challenge?”

Let me continue in my explanation, perhaps we would have the same thoughts. In my own reasoning, challenges are merely routes to champion the courses of life. If anyone in this world has vowed that he/she has never faced any challenge in life, that is a kind of person that can never be successful in life. If you don’t face challenges, you can never become a champion! If there are no hurdles on your way to greatness, you will never be wise to use all the strength within you to pass over.

Challenges have nothing to do to us than to make us a new brand person. They make us special! A man called David saw the giant called, Goliath from Gath, as a way to success and excellence; he saw him as a way to get to the top and become a current champion. This is the kind of mentality we need to possess when we are facing any challenge so that we can be successful in life.

Do we have the same thought on this issue my dear reader? Peradventure we have a different stand, I implore you to quickly have a rethink. Wishing you a successful endeavor in and of life!


Translation to Yoruba Language (One of the three prominent languages in Nigeria)

Iha Wo Ni O Ko Si Idojuko?

Opolopo lo maa n ri adojuko tabi isoro gege bii ohun tuntun. Iro ti o jina si ooto ni eyi! Boya kii n beere lowo iwo onkawe mi yii pe, “Iru oju wo lo fii n wo idojuko?” “Ati pe, bawo ni  o seri isoro si?” “N je o ye ki jinnijinni dabo o niwaju idojuko bi?”

Je ki n te siwaju ninu alaye mi boya ero wa lee papo. Ni ero temi, adojuko je ona kan gbogi ti o lo taara sibi aseyori. Enikeni ti o ba wa laye, ti ko koju isoro Kankan, ko lee se aseyori. Enikeni ti ko ba ni idena, ko nii gbon mo lati lo gbogbo ipa re, lati re koja si odikeji.

Idojuko je irinse ti o maa n sowa di eda oto. O maa n mu eniyan oto jade ninu wa. Arakunrin kan to n je Dafidi ri omiran kan to n je Golayati ti ara Gati bi ona lati se aseyori ati aseyege. O ri gege bii ona lati m’oke, ko rib ii isoro tabi idena rara. Iru oju bayii lo ye ka maa fi wo gbogbo idojuko, eyi ti o ba d’ojuko wa ki a lee di alaseyori l’aye.

Iwo onka akosile yii, n je ero wa papo bi? Bi ero wa ko ba papo, mo ro o, ki o se atunse. Mo n ki o ku oriire ninu  gbogbo ohun ti o ba da’wole ninu aye yii!

Photo Credit: Pixabay and Google Image Search


© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi

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  1. A challenge is like a baby trying to walk and failing until he/she makes it through that phase. The baby can be alive without walking, but what a life would that be when he/she grows up and learns that a vital step in life was skipped. Challenges make us who we are. We either use it or mute it but cannot elude it. Great post!


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