People Just Like You

Ordinary people see successful people as extraordinary people. If you know any successful person, and you ask him/her about who he/she is, you’ll be shocked at the reply you’ll receive. You’ll hear something like, “I am a person just like you.”

Successful people are people just like us. They are ordinary people like you that know what they want and go an extra mile to get it. This extra effort, an extra step, and an extra mile turn them to extraordinary people because of the laudable achievement they receive as their rewards.

You too can achieve what they have achieved, you can even achieve much more if you can:

  1. Apply an Extra Effort – Most times the point at which you stop just require a little more effort. Right at this point is where many people quit. As we all know, the difference between ‘ordinary’ and ‘extra-ordinary’ is the ‘extra.’ If you can give it the extra effort required, you shall get there and be a success in life.
  2. Take an Extra Step – Many times when I watch athletes compete on the track, the winner doesn’t just stop a step after the ‘finishing line.’ She continues to run ahead to stay clear of the line. This is not as a result of the body that is already in motion but a deliberate act by the runner to clearly show that she has what it takes to be the winner. If we can take this extra step, and carry this mentality of the ‘Track Race’ to ‘Life Race,’ it’s going to help a lot in our achievement in life by turning us into an extraordinary being.
  3. Go an Extra Mile – Going an extra mile is different from taking an extra step. The former surpasses the latter. I think we all know the difference between a step and a mile, a mile contains many steps. Give it all it takes, expend all your energy to the task at hand, it will only stress you to strengthen your brain muscle to do and achieve more.

Successful people are just people like me and you!



  1. I was actually looking for what to share with my team on Monday morning. I was indecisive about sharing a rule from Richard Templah’s “Rule Of Work”
    I have found Monday morning lubricating talk….
    Thank you sir!
    Happy Teachers’ Day in arrears!


    1. You’re welcome sir! WE really enjoyed the International Teacher’s Day here on the account of the PTA, kudos to our vibrant PTA Chairman and the vice. I have tried to log in to your site about the three times, it was from my side here, the internet connection was very slow. Happy Teacher’s Day in arrears. Love you! Best wishes and regards!


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