Egg with a Peg…

A Face In The Crowd

World’s best thing always happens from inside, not outside. If you think that one day someone will come and take away all your worries, then my dear friend, you are mistaken. Its you, yes only you can bring about the change you want.

Always remember, when an egg is broken from outside, a life ends. But when it is broken from inside, a new life begins. 
Oh egg, oh oh egg,

I heard you accompany one with his peg.

I have seen you in many colours,

But don’t know if you differ in taste and flavour.

I heard that good things come in a shape of sphere,

But you are oval and it’s okay and fair.

With round shape you can roll on stray,

Then how would we put you in our egg tray.

Your white is soft and yellow is smooth,

I eat both otherwise it would be rude.

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