3 Things That Can Happen to Your Vision

A young man of 25 asked an elderly woman to advise him on what he wants to become in life. He was very surprised by her reply. She said, “You are a dead man!” He probed further, “Why did you say that to me, I don’t think i deserve this?” The elderly woman said, “A man without a vision is a dead man. Today is not the right day to come for such an advice, you ought to have settled the matter long time ago.” A man without a vision is a dead living man. A man without a purpose for living is not fit to live. He has defeated the reason for living.

There must be something worth dying for in your heart, if it is not worth dying for, then it is not worth living for. Meanwhile, there is something worse more than having no vision. Are you surprised there could be something worse than that? It’s having vision without pursuing it. Is it not better not to have started the race than starting the race without running with it?

Hence, these are the three things that can happen to your vision depending on what you do with it:

1. YOUR VISION CAN BE STOLEN: If you have a vision and you’re not running with it, it can be stolen. If you put your property in a particular place without any security, what do you think will happen to it? Won’t it be stolen in a short time? Likewise your vision! If you have a vision, and you don’t carry it along with you at all time, it can be stolen. What do I mean? We keep pets, many of them. A chicken just hatched, and  I believe she has a vision of nurturing her chicks to maturity and freedom. While the eagles are there to cut her vision short, they are there to steal her vision – her vision of nurturing the young ones to maturity whereby they can fend for themselves. I know nobody wants to leave his/her vision without running with it, there are powerful influences from both within and without. There is a lesson I learn from our chicken – she always forcefully resists the cocks that want to copulate with her in order to cut her vision short. If she allows them, the chicks would be left without care, and this will expose the vision to being stolen by the eagles.

2. YOUR VISION CAN BE TRANSFERRED: Vision is God’s given! Therefore, if you don’t do the right thing with the vision, the giver will transfer it to another person. You’re afraid not to fail, but the truth is that anybody can run with the vision and succeed. If you’re slack in taking action and steps, the vision will be transferred, and it will be painful seeing others succeeding in what you would have done. If you catch a glimpse of any vision, whether it’s going to work or not, you have to quickly put it to work first. Any attempt to hesitate is going to lead to a loss. What we normally do to our turkeys’ eggs is that we do mix them with eggs under an incubating hen, just because the turkeys would refuse to incubate on them timely.

3. YOUR VISION CAN BE FULFILLED: This is a good news. You are afraid to start out, but if you do, having confidence in the God of Success and in yourself, success is sure. Start the business. Start the project. Start the programme. You cannot wait to reason everything out, it doesn’t work that way. When you get to every crossroad, where to go through will be deciphered. When you get to every river, how to get to the other side will be discovered. You can’t get everything ready for any adventure. You can’t get the whole capital ready for any business. If you have the vision, pursue it, and run with it without looking back, no matter the challenges on the way. You can be fulfilled!

If you don’t run with your vision, it would surely be stolen or transferred; but if you do, success is sure!


Photo Credit: Pixabay

© 2017 Peter Adewumi


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      1. Whoa! Then, I finish you well, and I prophesied standing in the shoes of our father, Bishop David Oyedepo that you shall be very great in life. All that you have in mind for your destiny shall come to pass. In Jesus’ name!!!

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  1. Very powerful message regardless of what the pursuit is. There must be a hunger for it because I simple appetite requires only minimal whetting. I especially like the points made about the 3 things that can happen! Thanks for the inspirational motivation! .

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  2. You have Motivated and Encouraged me Peter, I had been asking God if I should start Visiting the elderly in Nursing homes again but mostly if I should continue my Funday Schools, in my heart I wanted too and have been doing some preparation but the last one ended very badly when the Mother of the Children physically attacked me, she is taking Ice, a very harmful Drug.

    The Children of course no longer came to my Funday School but I am encouraged that they now know Jesus Loves them and other Christian Truths but I miss them so much.

    This is not the first time that Funday School has ended because of Parents unloving and evil intervention and it leaves me hurting for them too but I know that Children need to have a Godly Foundation for their lives so I have continued for approx 10 years to make Funday School available for Children from all backgrounds and I very much believe God has used it for good. But to be honest my Vision was wavering because of the persecution I have experienced over the years although not completely gone but Thank you from my Heart Peter for the Spiritual Charge you shared in your Message, it has encouraged me to keep looking Up! and not to give Up!

    Christian Love Peter and God’s Blessings – Anne.

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    1. Persecution should not be something new to all Christians. Our success would always attract persecution. In fact, it is one of the signs that we’re making impact. Devils have nothing to do with Christians that don’t pose any threat to His kingdom. There is no way we will be working to populate God’s kingdom that the opponent will not wage attack in form of persecution because his kingdom is being affected negatively. Hence, with God’s wisdom in us, we should continue doing such programmes that are attracting persecution, BUT WITH GOD’S WISDOM IN US, as I said earlier. There are rewards here on earth and in heaven. Peace!

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      1. Thank you Peter for your Godly Advice and yes I have decided to continue both Ministries next year and I very much appreciate your encouragement to do so. I’m also going to visit before Christmas some of the Children from a previous Funday School where I use to live and I’m looking forward to seeing them again.

        Christian Love Peter and God’s Blessings,
        Anne (Grannie Annie)

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  3. I like this idea. So often it’s difficult to start something because we can’t see where it will lead or if it will lead anywhere. Just dropping by to say, thanks for following my blog and all the best.

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