Some Amazing Facts about December

You receive and make more calls: You receive more calls in December. Most times many of those that have spoken to you in the last 11 months would definitely call. They don’t want to carry it over to the New Year. You also make more calls just because you have to wish everybody well for the New Year. You have to plan your calls ahead of time.

You receive and give more gifts: December is the time to give to show love to your loved ones, relatives, neighbours, and co-workers. That is the reason for “Boxing Day,” it is not the time to go and fight with some people. Don’t forget it is more honourable to give than to receive, it is not bad to receive gifts from others, but we should be prepared to give as much as we can.

You make more travels: You may not know, this is the time of the year when traffic is always at its peak. You make different types` of journey, both short and long journey to get stuffs bought, inter-state and intra-state to visit parents and honouring their calls. Therefore, you have to plan the time of your travel in order not to get stuck in traffic, which leads to waste of time that results in economic stagnation.

You plan more: You plan more in December! At the beginning of every month, you plan for the whole month. If you wait till January before you plan for the whole year, it won’t work because you have the month of January itself to plan for. The best time to plan for New Year is the month of December. Your plan in the month is more than any other month because you plan for the whole year in December, while you plan for each month at the beginning of the month.

You get the balance of your blessings: This sounds spiritual, and it takes one of the spiritual virtues to get it, you have to believe it. December, being the last month of the year, is the period to get the balance of your blessings for the year.

Implication: The implication of all these facts is that you have to be prepared for the month of December physically (in term of health – don’t do what we sap you of your strength), financially (December has to be planned for, right from January – may be you set aside a particular amount monthly for this purpose), and spiritually (the activities of the “other kingdom” is always at the peak at this period – It’s high time you began to launch attack instead of defence as a child of light).

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  1. Good Helpful Advice Peter and yes Christmas in December is indeed a busy Month. Yesterday I finished writing 80 Christmas Cards and now I will write Birthday Cards for those like me who were Born in December but it gives me pleasure to send Cards both for Christmas and Birthdays, it brings back wonderful Memories of the times we have shared together or still do.

    My wishes for you Peter and for your Loved ones this Christmas are for Treasures great and small and as we remember Jesus as our Special Gift to Cherish in our Heart
    His Love, Joy and Peace are His Gifts for us all.

    “Christ”mas and New Year Blessings,
    Anne ( Grannie Annie )

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