The Effect of Laughter on Success

The average 4-year old laughs 500 times a day, the average adult is lucky to laugh 15 times a day – The author of 200 Secrets of Success.

Courting for 100 years can never make you know your spouse. You can only know him/her when you are into marriage. I knew laughter but I never knew its power and its effect on success, until I engage in it often and often. To know the power of laughter, you have to laugh; you have to do it again and again.

In the book quoted above, the author said, “Laughter therapy has been regularly used to heal persons with varied ailments and is a wonderful tonic for life’s ills.” You need to laugh to be joyous, not otherwise. If there is any bad happening along the way, it may not be easy to laugh, just try to laugh it off. There is bound to be mistakes, and as you laugh, there would be a correct diagnosis of what had happened and there would be a befitting solution, thereby catapulting you forward instead of backward.

When Sarah laughed over her predicament, she wasn’t making jest of the visitors nor their sender. You asked, “Who was Sarah?” She was a woman (with her husband), that was promised that they were going to give birth to a great child. The day they were visited by the said visitors, the husband was around 99 years old, while the old woman was around 89. Why wouldn’t she laugh over her matters or should she go and commit suicide? I think the former option is better!

She laughed over it. You couldn’t believe what the strange action gave birth to. The great child was put to bed about nine months after, and he was named “Laughter.” He was actually named Isaac, but the meaning of the name is laughter.

This simple secret of success can be applied to any area of our life when there are challenges, problems, setbacks, or any circumstance not bargained for during our sojourn to succeed in life.

Laugh it off please; there are lights at the end of every dark cloud!

Therefore Sarah laughed within herself, saying, after I am waxed old, shall I have pleasure, my lord being old also? (Genesis 18:12).

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© 2017 – 2018 Peter Adewumi

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  1. Very accurate. That’s how I deal with my situations. I laugh them all out.. (while looking for a resolve of course). Almost feeling like a retard now because i’m a laughing machine. This is a great motivational post.

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