Women Are Just Everything!

Women are our mothers,

Without them, we cannot be here on earth.

Women are our wives,

Without them, there can never be the real help and support.

Women are our siblings,

Without them, there can never be true foundational love.

Women are our aunts,

Without which there would be no passionate blood relatives.

Women are our partners at work,

Without which we cannot achieve it all alone.

Women are parts of us,

Without which we’re never complete.

Women are our real selves,

For they were brought out of us.

Women are just everything,

Treating them unkindly is treating everyone badly.


Happy International Women’s Day


© Peter Adewumi.

Image credit: Pexel


Note:  March 8 of every year is Women’s International Day (This was confirmed from a blogger who like the post, I couldn’t link the post because I was posting from a smart phone instead of a laptop). Thanks for visiting!



    1. Yes, there is need for that – the fight against gender inequality on some part of the world. It’s going to be an intellectual fight, not only from women, but also from informed men. I do appreciate your work of love!


  1. Thank you Peter for your uplifting Poem, it does indeed seem your not a Male Chauvinist but sadly even some who go to Church today are.

    As Woman we do have different Roles to Men in Marriage and in The Church but we are not inferior as the Scripture on the Link below confirms, we are Precious to God.

    Link- https://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2015/06/23/woman-are-precious-to-god/

    Christian Love – Anne ( Grannie Annie)

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