Even With the Right Key

How frustrated do you think it would be, opening a door with the right key, and yet the door refused to open?

I don’t normally post on Tuesdays, I do on weekends, so that I can find time to visit other sites and blogs. As I was working in the office, the incidence before I left home kept coming to my minds, and the lessons learnt.

I was already in the car, about to ignite the engine, then it came to my mind that I’ve left an important envelope in the living room. I quickly got the key from my elderly son, and we headed straight to the door together, but it was a surprise that the door refused to open, even with the right key.

I was frustrated, having just few minutes left to get to work. This had happened to me before, holding the right key, and yet couldn’t gained entrance at crucial times. The first was the door to my car, the second was the door to my office, and this morning I witnessed it the third time.

Had it happened to you before, holding the right key, and yet the door refused to open? If it had, how did you resolve the dicey situation? But before you contribute in form of comments, please permit me to share some of the lessons I learnt from the whole scenario.

Here are three (3) of them:

1. The methods of yesterday may not be applicable today. That is the reason you have to possess a right attitude to change – the only constant factor everywhere in the universe.

2. No key is forever useful. Don’t be satisfied with what you are. You need to continue to work on yourself. People are working hard to break your record. Hence, you need to be working hard to set a new record. Never be complacent! The same key you used yesterday may not open the door today!

3. You may just need a little adjustment to get it done. It shouldn’t have been Graham Bell, if the other man (Can you please remind me his name?) made the little adjustment. You need to be opened to correction and suggestion sometimes. You don’t know it all! The suggestion or correction may come from the person you least expected. The suggestion that made it possible to open the door this morning came from my ‘little’ boy, and the other time from one of my students.

Thanks a million for your read and anticipated contribution.


© Peter Adewumi

Image Credit: Taking in my place of work with my smart phone.



    1. Whoa! Must the door be broken and the lock destroyed? In our own case, in relaxed mode and with little adjustment here and there, the door was made opened. I see the lessons learnt applicable to a successful life.

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  1. Great post sir! I found it interesting and thoughtful.
    You’re right, there’s always a lesson lurking around in every circumstance.
    My own experience is mostly with faulty padlocks. I’ve found that patience does help one not to easily get worked up and also to learn a smart technique to crack the lock open.

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  2. Doors always keep getting locked.
    And the key sometimes does not turn.
    Pressure has to be applied at tactical points to make it turn.
    Pragmatic change and tact open all the locks

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  3. Hello Peter,
    Excellent lessons shared. As you say, change is here to stay. It’s one thing we can count on. I’m glad you managed to get the door open in the end.
    Have a great weekend!

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      1. I Good. I am well thank you. That statement was on point. I am working hard to promote my book Open Doors which is out 1st May.

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