You Are a Liar!

You told me that I have arrived, while I am just beginning.

You told me that I have made it, while I am just starting.

You told me that heavy machines can never fly, and this has become a blatant lie.

You told me I have made a greatest invention, and this is fast becoming a lie.

You told me no new land can be discovered, while oceans are turning to lands already.

You told me no other place is habitable besides the earth, while work is ongoing in Mars.

You told me that I am the best, while I haven’t given my best yet.

It is now very conspicuous that, you are a father of all liars.

I don’t need a prophet to tell me that you are a liar.


Image Credit: Pexels

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  1. Good morning and thanks for this great poem. Yes, we must always question the veracity of any easy and frivolous adulation, lest we start to really believe it (the worst mistake we can make, something that experience eventually teaches us) May you and your family remain protected by the grace of our Lord. Jesus Christ.

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  2. There are two ways of coming short of the truth. The first is not thoroughly going all the way. The other is not beginning at all. The truth needs discovery and as such, we are only as honest as our knowledge permits. As your beautiful poem demonstrates, the truth evolves. It is rarely pure and simple.
    I thought this poem is enthralling.


    1. There are some people that tell lies blatantly and willingly. I don’t there is problem with that. However, there are people that never knew they were telling lies because such lies are detrimental to the healthy status of our nation and her economy, until the lies are given a dead blow.

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