Be Wise with Free Offer in Life

I’m not yet on paid plan on WordPress, but I’m planning to do so one day. I blog free! Isn’t it sound interesting? But is it actually free? I blog freely just because somebody has paid for it or maybe somebody will do later. Can’t you see some of the advertisements you come across on this site sometimes?

What I learnt on this platform is that, it is better you’re on paid plan, pay for your website and be a sole and rightful owner. It’s better than working for Automattic. That is why WordPress is attached to some sites addresses. Though you’re working for yourself directly by portraying your talents and improving your personality, but indirectly for Automattic because they go with the whole of the money billed the advertisers. It pays off to pay for your site, especially when you have a high traffic, so that some percentage of the money earned can come to you, if your application for either Google AdSense or Automattic WordAds is considered.

Don’t forget that WordAds is an advertising program owned by Automattic, the company that runs An advertising platform created exclusively for WordPress-managed websites to display advertisements in order to monetize their blog. This is similar to AdSense by Google, the difference is just that AdSense works on any platform, but WordAds is limited to WordPress only.

Where I’m driving to is the lesson I learnt on this platform: you have to be wise with free offer in life. Nothing is actually free as we do say. Somebody must pay for every offer, and whoever pays for it goes with the gains. When you’re enjoying free things, you will think you’re gaining. I don’t want to say you’re losing, but you’re not gaining enough. If someone else pays for an offer you’re enjoying, such a person has more gains and rewards than you do. It is far better you pay for it. I wish that those countries that are not yet included in the program by the path of strict conditions should be considered.

This is also applicable to life as a whole. Be wise with every free offer in life. Be responsible and pay the price to fully enjoy it.

Image Credit: Pexels.



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