Be Wise with Free Offer in Life (2)

Once upon a time, there was a man named Abraham. He married to his half sister named Sarah (Then it was acceptable, but no more). They had a delay in giving birth to children. Since delay is never a denial, they patiently waited & gave birth to the promised child.

Sarah later died at a good old age of 127 years. It caused Abraham heartache that the wife of his youth died. Notwithstanding, he stood to his feet from his state of mourning, and planned to give her a befitting burial.

He asked for a land from a particular family, the children of Heth. These people gave him a free offer, and they persuaded him to accept their offer. Abraham knew that there is always an ulterior motive behind every offer. I’m not saying we should outrightly reject the free offer, but I’m advising that you should be wise with your decision.

Abraham insisted they should name their price for the land. He paid fully not only for the land, but also for every tree found on it. This is wisdom, in case “the Pharaoh that does not know Joseph mounts the throne.” The descendants of Heth, later in the future, may want to get back the land of their forefathers.

And undoubtedly, this would be a great loss or slavery for the descendants of Abraham. They may be asked to continue to pay yearly for the same land. Be wise with every offer, and think whether you’re to collect it, or pay fully for it, in order to avert unforseen loss.

Reference: Genesis 23: 1 – 20.

Image Credit: Pexels.

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