Christians Don’t Die, They Do Sleep

It is no more news that people die everyday, just the same way children are given birth to everyday. It is just that it is a taboo for children and young people to die. Do we give birth to old people? We only give birth to children. It therefore applies that only old people are permitted to die.

Moreover, it will interest you to also note that people of the world may die, but Christians don’t, we only sleep in the Lord. The same way death has no power over Jesus, he said, “Death, where is your sting; oh grave, where is your victory?”

As a result your mentality should change, when it comes to death:

(1) You don’t fear death. Why? It is just because, your father, God, created death. He has power over it. And has a son/daughter, you have the gene of your father, therefore, the same power is spiritually transfered to you.

(2) You can determine when you will die. God had already said the minimum of our days is 70 years, and that you can live up to 120 years. Hence, it is up to you to decide when you want to depart from this world. King Hezekiah decided his. Mind you, you don’t have to decide an unreasonable time for yourself.

(3) Have a covenant mentality that you can never die young. As you possess the mentality of ‘never-die-young’ , every thing and thought that can lead to suicide would flee your way.


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  1. Fear is a liar! We will all die at some point from this earthly life we know – But, what we MUST CONSIDER & DETERMINE NOW is whether we awake to eternal GLORY or eternal DAMNATION which will be by the choice we about following Christ or not, BEFORE that day comes.

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    1. Thanks for your contribution Ms. Wanda. We all know that we’re going to leave this world one day, but many people leave before their time because of wrong mentality, unable to fulfill their purpose in life. Do we actually die, especially Christians. No! Just because we are spirits. The spirit just live the body for his/her heavenly abode….. That is why the caption, “Christians Don’t Die, They Do Sleep.” Please, don’t leave before your time. I mean until you fulfill destiny. Peace!

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