The Permanent Solution to Poverty

The permanent solution to poverty is ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Small business).

(1) I’m not saying you should resign your day job. There is no problem in being a wise and diligent employee. However, remember that you will retire one day. Is it wise to live in abject poverty as a retiree? Don’t be like Colonel Sander, who was highly well-paid, and yet at retirement had nothing to live on! If not for God’s mercy that located him.

No matter how much you think you have saved, you would finish it in a twinkling of an eye. So as you’re saving, and it becomes a tangible amount, make sure you’re investing your money in procuring ASSETS.

(2) I’m not saying God does not bless. When you fulfill all biblical injunctions concerning wealth, He will only bless the works of your hands. He can bless you as an employee, but he does it better as an entrepreneur. So, it’s not bad being an employee and an entrepreneur simultaneously. But don’t let your entrepreneurial steps and endeavours affect your employer negatively. If I were your employer, and your side hustle affected your productivity at work, “I’ll sack you with immediate effect.”

(3) I’m not saying you should start as an entrepreneur. It depends on you. Colonel Sander started as a highly-paid employee, then an entrepreneur (a small business owner), and later graduated to a Big Business Owner. Jacob (that later became Israel) started as an employee (though it’s not easy), and later became an entrepreneur. Whereas, Abraham never worked for anybody – he was never an employee – he started as an entrepreneur and a contractor (Taking this step was also not easy).

Can you now see it all depends on you? But the best path to tread, if I may suggest, is still the path of Entrepreneurship!

Image Credit: Pexels

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