The Solution to Every Leadership Challenge

Some pay so much attention on their ministry, business, and their profession at the detriment of the future of the nation by neglecting the most important aspect of life.

The most important aspect of life is not your ministry, your business, nor your profession but your family! It may be the smallest existing unit in the society notwithstanding, but the most important aspect of your life.

Just like every life stems up from a cell. Every society stems up from a family. And as the quality of a life depends on how healthy the cells it was formed from, so also the standard of living of a nation depends on how healthy and responsible each family is.

Most of us lodge complaints that our leaders have failed. It is not our leaders that have failed, it is you as a leader that has failed. If you as a father assume your leadership responsibility, you may produce a good president out of your daughters and sons.

If you as a mother, a leader in your own domain, assume your duty and influence your husband positively and give him an unwavering support and advice, you may turn your husband into an enviable leader and an epitome of success.

The ripple effect is that the children are going to turn good leaders. The deficiency in our leadership circle is the deficiency in each unit that makes up the society. It is the negligence of duties on the part of the mothers and fathers.

In every nation, establishment, and corporation where leadership challenge is perennial, there is a need to go back to the drawing board. There is a need to go back to the foundation.

There is a need to reframe the kind of education, both formally and informally, that we feed our children with. We don’t always remember they are the leaders of tomorrow? Junks, in the short time, produce good looking but unhealthy children. Only time and tide reveals the deficiency.

The deficiency of our present leaders is simply exposing the negligence of duty of parents and presidents of yesterday. It is high time, every parent, woke up to their responsibilities!

Image Credit: Pexels.

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  1. Before we can lead, we must follow first.
    I think some leaders failed beacause some leaders were never in the position to follow.
    So once they get the chance to lead, it’s like throwing them in a lion’s den where they are forced to fend for themselves
    Good post

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