Politics Here and There!

Politics is defined as a methodology and activities associated with running a government, an organization, or a movement (Wikitionary).

When a statement like, “Politics is found in the church and our different homes.” People are always surprised, just because, they’ve associated politics with negative meaning. Politics to me is all about human relationship and governance. As such, wherever human beings are found, politics must be found there.

Therefore, politics can also be defined as taking wise decisions in ensuring a smooth running of a system like government, home, church, etc.

However, the way politics is being administered is what causes chaos. Leaders are not being straightforward, they don’t follow the acceptable laid-down, and innovative ways of governance.

It’s even worse in most of our homes. The way most homes are being governed is ridiculous. If not, why do some members of the same nuclear family always engage in fighting? This is pointing to the fact that something is wrong with the system.

In my own opinion, these are some of the causes of such feud in the family.
(1) When it is obvious that one person is preferred to another.
(2) Unequal distribution of the resources available. There is need for egalitarian distribution of available resources among members of the family.
(3) Power tussle between the father and the mother. And so on and so forth.

Let’s do it the right way and innovatively!

Image Credit: Pexels.com

Copyright, Peter Adewumi.

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  1. The problem is not the politics but those who are involved in it. The truth is that politics is interested in us whether we are interested in politics or not and until we have a change of hearts and motives towards politics nothing changes.


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