Personal Exploration and Innovation

We are all being informed to be long-life learners. Indeed,some of us are actually learning. While learning is good; learning the same way is very bad.

I observe something that needs to be corrected. We are not learning better than our teachers, we are not learning better than the past generation. We are not doing things better than our predecessors.

If we want to have better results, we have to learn better than our teachers. We have to do things in a better way than those that handed over to us. They’ve passed what they know on to us in form of instruction, publication, and interaction, but there is need for PERSONAL EXPLORATION TO HAVE A BETTER RESULT.

Only fools would continue to use the same approach, and expect a change. We need to apply old methods innovatively. We need to approach old process with a new method. For a permanent change to come, there is a need for a rigorous reaction. Old ways of doing things should be violently reacted against.

Inspiration from the Bible;
Psalms 119:99 – “I have more understanding than all my teachers: for thy testimonies are my meditation.”

Do enjoy all of your days!

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Peter Adewumi

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    1. There is no problem sir my very good friend. I’m putting some of the principles I’ve learnt from my blog and others like yours to work offline. Writing books and putting some cash-generating assets in place. Thanks for your care and concern.

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