Check and Balance

There are always issues like, “should couples have a joint account?” “How can youth excesses be curbed?” “How can societal vices be reduced?”

“Absolute power corrupts.” This reminds me of those days when all power is vested in a man, the husband. Power actually corrupted men of those days.

Checks and balances is a principle that is now universally accepted. As powerful as the president of country is, the senate, if unanimously agreed, can remove him/her from power.

Areas where “Check and Balance” should be further put to use:

1. Marriage: There should be a joint account if agreed upon, but the husband and wife should also have their own separate account, to serve as Separation of Power. It’s not a bad idea at all!

2. Government: Fine, there is a leader but a committee can be put in place to follow him and his activities. Moreover, Government should also empower the youth by providing them with good jobs and skills.

3. Schools: There should be students’ representatives in our schools.

4. Religious Centres: There should be empowered committee to checkmate the excesses of the Religious leader, if there is any.

5. Employer: We’re not saying there shouldn’t be hierarchical order, but the subordinates should be vested with power to some extent to control the excesses of the superiors. In the place of work, every worker should be made to oversee a particular session.

6. Parents: Children should be taught that everybody has to be respected irrespective of their age and social background in contrary to some training that teach children to respect only the elders and the rich. At home, too much power should not be given to the first child. Activities of the first child should be watched and excesses curtailed. This is because most times, with his siblings, they belong to the same age group.


Photo Credit: Pexels
© 2019, Peter Adewumi

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