A Frenzy Scenario

There are times situations go hay-wire. There are times you get unwanted results. There are times you leave home in the morning, you have already planned for the day, but what you meet is something else. Things turn around; you meet with what you don’t plan for.

A situation where everywhere, inner and outer, was boiling with noise; and the noise was not something you can cope with at all. As you were trying to retreat, the more you were robbed in. The situation where you want to say sorry and the other party doesn’t want your sorry. The situation where you want to placate matters; and every effort proofs abortive. A frenzy scene indeed!

That was what Lydia found herself in on a particular day. She had been thinking about her boss in the office. She had planned to please him, not in sensual ways of course, with everything she was going to do that day as per official matters.

The letter he informed her that she was going to write the other day had already been rehearsed at night. She had written and re-written it in her minds with an invisible pen. The unknown place he said she was going to visit had turned a familiar place because she had dreamt about it times without number. The file she was to treat the other day for him, though she left it on the table in the office, had already been treated a night earlier in the subconscious of her mind.

The whole night was spent thinking about him and all his weird routinely assignments in the office, not because she was infatuated with love, but in order to please her to save her job for main time. She passed through all the troubles in the night and in her dreams, in order to prevent troubles for the day in her place of work, but to no avail. What can Lydia do in a situation like this?

Thanks for reading and I’m hoping to read your anticipated reactions!

Photo Credit: Pexels
© 2019, Peter Adewumi

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