Rat Race or Car Race? It Doesn’t Matter.

There is a factor that is common to both rat race and cat race. It is overtaking. If you’ve ever seen rats that are in groups, they move willy-nilly. As one moves a little bit forward, whether it slows down, or wait on a spot, another one from behind it moves swiftly to overtake it. …

The History of Blog Award: Part 4 – One Lovely Blog Award

Introduction Many Blog awards had been in existence since 1990’s, where bloggers are recognized by companies in the public, and given material gifts along with their gifts. The fate of the winners is determined by public votes, some by a fixed set of criteria applied by a selected panel of judges. Blog awards I’m shedding …

A hearty welcome!


Success Inspirers World

Hello friends!

On your behalf, I very heartily welcome Peter Adewumi into the Editorial team of Success Inspirers’ World. Peter joined us today with a thrilling post which you can find here. We thank Peter for joining the team and wish him joy as he journeys in this community.

Peter is a very inspiring blogger whose company you surely will enjoy.

You may be surprised that we are welcoming him, a thing we did not do with others. Don’t forget we are on the move on this site, learning and growing tougher and tougher everyday. From now on we will welcome all our new team members.

I call on all of you of this community to like this post and congratulate Peter on taking the wise decision to join this lively team.

Thanks to you all and plenty of love.

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First Attempt

The first attempt of everything always seems difficult. The first time I opened my eyes I couldn’t recognize my mom. The first time I talked was just a babble. The first time I crawled was a difficult task. The first time I was in school was a “Crocodile tears” experience. The first time I wrote …

Get it Done in a Jiffy

It might begin as a thought, And it still lingers there, If it keeps occurring, Then it has to be acted on. Every living thing grows, When they grow to some extent, Your thoughts grow, Because it is borne in a living mind, They cannot be curtailed. When a snail grows bigger, It changes its …

The History of Blog Awards: Part 2 – The Liebster Award

Part 1 of this series was an introductory part. In this part, the history of the Liebster Award is going to be delved into in details. The general questions that will be treated under each award will be: Introduction Who started the award, when, and where? Condition(s) attached? Rules of the Award? What’s in it …

5 Pills to Treat Disorganization in Life

A life without any direction is heading for a disaster. In life, you have to know where you are going, how to get there and the direction which you are going to take. If you look around you, and everything is in disarray, you have to accept the fault. Don’t shift the blame on any …