He Deserves It

Let’s give Him in this place, All the praise, From our heart, He created the earth.   Why are we not going to do it better? He made us fairer, In His own image, We are not a mirage.   He is worthy, We are not worldly, Even all other creatures, Are praising the creator. …


Your Grit is Very Vital to Your Success

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Life is not fair they say,

Life will never give you what you deserve,

But out of whatever it gives you,

You can make your desire to be.

While you don’t forget that,

One of the tools to use is your grit.

determination 2

Your determination!

Yes, your determination.

Your determination is very paramount,

When it comes to successful accomplishment,

In life and any endeavor.

If you are not determined,

When what you desire is lemonade,

And life throws lemon at you,

You would make your desire, lemonade,

Out of it.

But without grit,

You would have thrown it away,

Before you realize,

That something good can come,

Out of every seemingly bad situation.

With your grit in place

Something sweet can come out,

Of every bitter experience.

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Be Childlike

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Children don’t brood on matters like men

Children don’t stay with people that live in a den

Children don’t live continuously with a yen

Learn the way they caper like hens

Learn the way they don’t sit on the fence

Their words they don’t mince

In their hearts, they don’t keep malice

With their hands, they don’t deal with fake merchandise

Love they have as the only franchise

Be childlike, but not childish

Be joyful always and be jolly

Do not be a harpy while you are happy

And do not practice a folly.

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Be Fully Involved

Be fully involved Not in a camper Be fully involved Not in dangerous activities Be fully involved Not in activities that hamper progress Be fully involved Not in activities that hinder development Be fully involved Not in activities that disrupt peace of our nations Be fully involved In activities that motivate Be fully involved In …